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Dandenong, Oakleigh East

santo engineering dandenong

Additional info

  • Postcode: 3166
  • Type: Three Double Storey Units with garages
  • Est. Project Value: $700,000
  • Engineering Focus: Brick veneer walls, Raft slab on ground, On-site detention system
  • Engineering Services: Structural & Civil Design


Residential Projects

santo engineeringWe provide consultation, design and documentation services for various Residential Projects.

From small building alterations and additions or carports to large multi-storey complexes. Projects may include single dwellings, houses, cottages, granny flats, bungalows, townhouses, units, multi-units, multi-storey, apartments, community title, retirement homes, hostels, student, mining and construction camp accommodation.

We have experience with specifying various alternative building systems. We are always on call to ensure a successful construction program in accordance with Australian Standards.

Commercial Projects

santo engineeringWe provide consultation, design and documentation services for various Commercial Projects. From small building alteration to the large multi-storey and multi-building complexes. Projects may be single storey or multi-storey buildings, commercial office buildings, and shopping centres.

We provide a high level of detailing and communication with other consultants typical throughout the design and construction phase for larger commercial projects.

Industrial Projects

santo engineeringWe provide consultation, design and documentation services for Industrial projects of various sizes. Projects may be manufacturing buildings, food and other processing facilities, warehouses, and sheds. From small alterations and additional mezzanine levels to large warehouse structures.

We provide a high level of engineering details for larger commercial projects.

Structural Design

santo engineeringOur extensive structural design experience assists us in providing high quality Structural Engineering consultation, design and certification. We are experienced in all size projects from house extensions to multi-level buildings.

Structural design elements may include: Foundation, underpinning and Retention systems, Structural steelwork, portal frames, Structural timber, Reinforced concrete, precast and composite floor & beam, Cold formed thin wall plate structures, Frame, dynamic and finite element analysis of structures, Suspended post tensioned concrete floors, reinforced in-situ concrete slab and beam, Unreinforced and reinforced masonry, Precast or in-situ Columns and Panels, Lateral reinforced concrete core Analysis, Earthquake and wind loading, Site Visits, and inspection reports, CAD drawing, including AutoCAD and 3D Revit.

Civil Design

santo engineeringCivil Engineering Design involves the design of stormwater drainage systems, including concrete or asphalt paving required around the development. Storm water drainage involves on-site detention tanks or pumping systems. Civil designs may also include Car park basements, Drainage, Pavement, and Road for any size developments.

Our design documents are prepared for approval by council authorities, and we work with council until successfully approved.

Dual Certification

santo engineeringIt is not uncommon for an adjoining property to be affected by neighbouring building works on the subject land. In this case the relevant building surveyor would serve a notice of works to protect an adjoining owner’s property. We provide the necessary dual certification of design required for the protection works notice.

We can provide an independent certification of our design or certify design completed by another Engineer.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

santo engineeringThere are many different uses for building information modelling (BIM) within the Engineering industry. We are experienced users of Autodesk Revit Structure. Using Interactive 3D models leads to more efficient designs that can be imported from Architectural 3D models. Seeing and creating a 3D model with Revit Structure enables you to visualise and understand complex geometry compared to previous drafting methods. This in turn makes BIM highly accurate, time efficient, and easier for solving complicated geometries.

BIM Provides a good clear understanding of the overall look, and with rendering capabilities, results are impressive.

Post Tensioning Design

santo engineeringWe can provide specialist post-tensioned slab designs in our overall design scope, eliminating the need for any additional designing by others. We can also provide efficient Post-tensioning design alternatives to fully reinforced slabs, resulting in cost savings by simplifying formwork, decreasing reinforcement, reducing concrete thicknesses and overall construction time.

Post Tensioning can lead to major cost savings and a more efficient construction program.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

santo engineering3D Finite Element Analysis can significantly improve structural designs by optimising for the dynamics of real world applications. We utilise 3D Finite Element Analysis in our designs were required. FEA is ideal when designing for stability in larger buildings against lateral loads such as wind and earthquake.

Other irregular structures can also be designed via FEA such as sculptures.

Temporary Works

santo engineeringAll building sites require temporary works solutions that minimise risks during construction whilst maintaining an efficient program. Risks may include collapse of temporary and permanent works and damages to adjacent premises.

We can certify temporary structures including Propping, Scaffolding, Falsework and Formwork, Emergency support works, Temporary earthworks support and piling, Crane and heavy lifting, and Design for temporary events structures such as theatres, concerts, and sports. 

Value Engineering

santo engineeringWe provide engineering designs that cost less to build. Value engineering saves large amounts of money and construction time while ensuring a high quality of materials and construction methodologies. Our services involve the review of building designs to find structural savings without compromising the structural integrity. 

We utilise the latest industry technological capabilities to provide an economical structure while avoiding unnecessary costs. 

Building & Other Inspections

santo engineeringWe can conduct building inspections and provide a report based on findings of an existing building or part of. Further advice on restoration works can be provided to restore the structural integrity.

We can provide compliance inspection and certifications for numerous stages during the building process. These inspections include, but are not limited to Footings, Framing, Suspended slabs, roof frames, and tie-downs

Modular Buildings

santo engineeringOur Engineers have extensive experience in designing and engineering modular building technologies. We provide research and development services to achieve compliance with industry standards. We are involved from research and development through to testing and construction phases. Including the design of cladding support structures and transportation/lifting loads.

We can discuss possibilities of modular and work closely with manufacturers.

Innovation (R&D)

santo engineeringInnovative construction systems can lead to a more economical structure and efficient construction program. We provide research and development (R&D) services for alternative construction systems from research and development through to testing and construction phases.

We are open to all innovative ideas that we can further develop. 

Site Investigation

santo engineeringSite investigations include the classification of soil types via soil testing, site levels, feature surveys, and existing footing investigations (if required). All information is presented in the Site Investigation Report, including important engineering issues, site preparation and footing recommendations in accordance to AS2870 (Residential Slabs and Footings). Each site requires a Site Investigation Report to be used in engineering design, unless noted otherwise by the building surveyor.

We advise and coordinate site investigation reports to be used in our engineering design certification for each project site.

Soil Testing

santo engineeringSoil tests consist of drilling boreholes to a depth of around 1.5m and up to 4.0m for material assessment of subsoil layers. Drilling is done using a machine driven auger. Reactive samples retrieved undergo soil testing in the laboratory for classification. Laboratory test results from the natural silty/clayey samples are used to estimate the characteristic ground surface movement (ys). This is then used to determine the site classification in accordance to AS AS2870, Residential Slabs and Footings.

Soil classification is presented in the Site Investigation Report used in our engineering design certification.

Online Engineering

santo engineeringWe provide the same quality of Engineering services with increased use of online technologies and reduced physical man hours. This provides our clients with a faster and more cost effective engineering process. We maintain urgency and reliability in all queries to ensure an efficient construction program.

We can be contacted anytime online via live chat or email to answer queries or by phone during business hours.